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Portrait Annie Fafard photographe

About me

My studies first focused on literature and cinema. They brought me to photography. I like to observe, analyze, understand and immerse myself in new experiences. Photography brings me into contact with people and places in a different way. It offers privileged access to their inner lives and history.

My professional career path has led me to devote myself to different spheres of photography: editing, portraits, events, products and fashion, in addition to design and architecture. It is in this last category that I have chosen to specialize. It aligns with several of my personality traits: attention to detail, creativity, discipline, contemplation and aesthetic sense.


Design and architectural photography also appeals to my values and interests: the environment, sustainable development and the beauty of the world around us.


It is a way to increase awareness about the impact of architecture and design on our individual and collective well-being.

femme devant habitat 67 maison cubes b├ęton
architecture bureaux lumineux escaliers


My clean and luminous style, the quality of my editing, and my active listening make me stand out in the field of professional photography. I put my expertise at the service of my clients and I take the time to execute each of my mandates with a rigorous attention to detail.

I believe that collaboration with the creators and entrepreneurs who are my clients is essential in order to highlight their creations, their products and their image.